Leapfrog Services

Issue: I was selected in 1998 to develop a start-up brand for a start-up called Leapfrog, a soon-to-be high-tech player in the Atlanta market. Leapfrog wanted to lower the “high-tech intimidation factor” prevalent among those outside the industry.

Insight: To establish credibility, I created a brand whose messages reflected Leapfrog’s philosophy of exceptional service in an industry notorious for unreliability. To differentiate Leapfrog from its competition, I created an approachable brand personality with a fun, colorful identity.

Impact: Leapfrog confirmed that its unconventional, memorable brand was popular among employees and clients alike. After three years in business, Leapfrog secured market recognition, launched a new generation of remote computer diagnostic support and recently, acquired Virtex, another technical service firm.

leapfrog image