Kids II - a juvenile products company

Issue: In 1993, this company was named Pansey Ellen and had moderate sales in the juvenile toy products industry. It sorely needed a stronger brand presence to stake out a more commanding position in larger retail chains such as Toys “R” Us, Kmart and Wal-Mart.

Insight: I created a competitive strategy as well as a new identity that conveyed Kids II’s unique position as a company with a global presence, trustworthy products, and user confidence. In a category where shelf space was dominated with white packages with pastel accents, I executed a visual identity system of red, purple, and fuchsia on Kids II’s packaging.

Impact: Rebranding revitalized the entire company and Kids II was rewarded with a 73% increase in sales for the year following the change. Parents came to recognize the unique color palette of the company and in 1998, Kids II sales surpassed $75 million, up from $17 million in 1993.